A Family Wedding

Saturday April 27th, 2013

April 27th, My partners sister Shanna marries James at a beautiful venue in Cornwall called Trevenna

Its always a pleasure to make a wedding cake for family, and when you have a simple design that is so effective its worth every hour thats put into the cake. generally the simpler they are the longer they take to decorate.

The 1st tier of the cake was a fresh lemon zest sponge with lemon curd, the middle tier was vanilla bean with a fresh strawberry mousse, and the bottom tier was a chocolate, milk chocolate sponge filled with chocolate fudge. I think its great to have different flavour sponges for each tier of your cake, as it makes it easier to please all your guests when having a mix of them.

The idea behind this cake came from a few different images shanna had researched online, originally there were no ranunculus flowers on the top of the cake, but it felt naked after it was set up and it needed that final finishing touch, sometimes cakes change as you go for the better.

It was a beautiful day and the venue was magical, i would definitely recommend the venue to people who want something unique and exclusive, the food and the staff were also amazing, made the whole family so welcome. I look forward to returning there a few more times next year with other wedding cakes, as its proving to be an extremely popular venue. 

The Wedding cake went down a storm, and i wish shanna and james all the happiness in the world in there married life ahead.

Enjoy the pics 


Spring wedding cake