The vegan, vegetarian, wheat and gluten free one!

Sunday February 2nd, 2014

So last year I was approached the most wonderful couple  Camilla and Alex, who wanted a wedding cake with a little bit a uniqueness......little did I know that I would be making a 3 tiered wedding cake that was wheat gluten dairy and vegan friendly! 

Probably one of the most challenging cakes to test my baking skills thus far and to be honest I didn't think it was possible, however after a little research I managed to find a book from the states, (of course)  that featured so many varieties and flavours I had to buy it!  It proved extremely difficult to source the ingredients in the uk but I managed to find alternatives after yet more research! 

I can't even remember how many times I rebaked and tested the recipes before I was finally happy with sending out the tasters, as it's all trial and error of course when baking something new. 

So this was it I was happy with my tasters and new found skill for free from cakes, so all that was left was the design. 

Camilla and Alex knew exactly what they wanted from there wedding cake, choosing a design from one of my favourite Australian cake companies. But yet another stumbling block occurred... How am I going to make an edible doily to place on a cake, in fact 3 edible doilies? Challenge excepted! I played around with making my own moulds tried contacting the original designers themselves but with no luck i had to one up with something...finally I found a way! Although it was extremely long winded the overall effect was perfect. 

Now this wedding cake travelled a long way from plymouth to the most beautiful venue in somerset called crewkearne, it has to be one of my all time favourites iv had the pleasure delivering to  and the cake sat there beautifully inside the venue. Iv enclosed lots of pictures for you to swoon over  including the happy couple themselves who sent the most beautiful thankyou card after the big day. 

Anyway happy Monday everyone 

Will blog again soon :) 

Cotty xxx